New Client Booking @ Into The Woods

I would like to thank you for showing interest in collecting a piece of my artwork.  Due to the volume of emails I receive, my assistant Katie will be handling all inquiries. I am regularly informed of all incoming requests.  My books Have Re-Opened as of 2019.  I will be taking on certain clients and projects 1-2 at a time.  

As of now, the current wait time to get tattooed by me is approximately 3 to 4 months and can sometime be pushed back to almost 6 to 7 months due conventions and being on the road.

If you’re interested in acquiring a piece by me, please read the paragraphs below and fill out the brief questionnaire and your project will be considered for my waiting list.

What ideas will be considered for my waiting list?

Unfortunately due to volume ONLY certain projects that fall within my style of work will be selected.

If you are not familiar with my style, please take a moment to check out my portfolio

Although I am flattered and appreciate when people say I can tattoo whatever I would like on them, most of the time I will lean towards ideas that provide some sort of direction or concept to work from.

My preferred projects are character driven; narrative-based themes. I require full creative control once the concept has been established and I only work in full color.  

I prefer larger projects that fill out entire areas of the body; exceptions can be made on smaller projects, but must be at least a minimum of 6″x 8″ and fit the area it is going on.  

If you do not feel your project meets these criteria, I have a very talented team of artists on board that I could direct you to and they would be happy to help.

Deposit and Pricing Information:

All pieces are done at an hourly rate of $225/hour and I require a Non-Refundable $500 per day deposit (for example: two day, back to back appointments will require $1000).

All Deposits will be applied to the final session of the tattoo.  I do require a 3-hour minimum per session.

Thank you again for your time and inquiry. Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire below and my assistant will be in correspondence with you shortly.

Please fill out the form below. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED!

Your Name

Your Email

Your Number

Location: City / State /Country

Subject / Concept / Theme (be descriptive as possible)

Placement / Approx Size: (ex. Thigh, Calf, Sleeve, Full Back, etc.)

Informative Details: (ex. Cover-up, Dark Skin, Blood Thinners)

Are you willing to travel to my studio in South Florida?
 yes no

Monthly Tattoo Budget? (4-6 hour session, 6-8 hour session, etc.)

Willing to have monthly tattoo sessions? (Momentum on a project is important to stay focused. Committing to a set schedule in order to complete the project is important.)
 yes no

Questions or Concerns?